Is Leonardo DiCaprio moving to Iowa City? Probably not

Leonardo DiCaprio, not yet a Johnson County resident -- photo by John Gillespie
Leonardo DiCaprio, not a Johnson County resident yet — photo by John Gillespie

Attention Iowa Citians: Despite a rumor to the contrary, there is no evidence that Leonardo DiCaprio is buying a home in Iowa City.

The rumor was launched by the O’Reilly Post, which calls itself a “fantasy news site.” It published a post saying that the recent Academy Award winner for Best Actor was buying a home in Iowa City:

The announcement was a major surprise to everyone in Hollywood and probably everyone in Iowa City as well. DiCaprio said that he was, “tired of the Hollywood lifestyle” and that he wanted to “live in a place where people are just people and whose sincerity you don’t have to always question”. He recently visited the area while scouting out a film location with producer Martin Scorsese and, according to Scorsese, “Leo immediately fell in love with the relaxed lifestyle and the Midwestern charm of Iowa City and really the whole area and was telling everyone that he was going to move there.”

“I’ve accomplished a lot in my career and I feel like I just want to slow down a little bit and moving to a place like Iowa City with its wonderful and friendly people is exactly what I want in my life right now,” DiCaprio told the magazine. “I’m not giving up on my career. I just want to move to a place that feels so different than what I’ve been used to all of my life. For me, that place is Iowa City.”

The O’Reilly Post says that all of its “news articles” are “satire or pure fantasy” (so in other words, total nonsense). But some social media users who shared the post took the information at face value and responded with sincere hope and excitement:

This isn’t the first time that DiCaprio has had an Iowa connection. In late February, ahead of the Oscars, the Des Moines Register ran a piece entitled, “How Iowa started Leo DiCaprio’s Oscar run.” As recently as last week, DiCaprio was photographed in what appeared to be an Iowa baseball cap.

While DiCaprio owns homes in Los Angeles and New York City, there is not evidence — yet — that he has purchased property in Iowa City.

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