Iowa City Weekender: December 15-17

Hello, and welcome to the Weekender! As the semester begins to wrap up for the university, the town starts to shift into slight hibernation for a week until it pops back into full form for the coming new year. This weekend will be your last chance to get out before the hibernation begins, so make […]

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Air Pirates

March 2010 – In 1990’s Pump Up the Volume, Christian Slater played Happy Harry Hard-on, a renegade pirate radio deejay who shocked and entertained his growing legion of listeners with R-rated language and intermittent moments of Was (Not Was) and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Broadcasting from an undisclosed location with his transmitter and voice […] […]

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UI Breakers on LV Radio: 9/23/09

I.O.W.A. – the UI Breakers’ second annual break dancing jam – takes place Oct. 3 at the IMU, but Little Village Radio had founding member Chuy Renteria on last week for a discussion of b-boying’s past, present and (they hope) future. It also features a hidden Sprite Remix reference, if that entices you further.
[Audio clip: […] […]

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