The hidden history of black nuns in America will be explored at Mount Mercy on Thursday night

Ask people what a nun looks like and the picture that probably jumps to mind is a woman in a black habit — and it’s also likely that woman will be white. In part, that’s because black women seeking to enter holy orders in the United States have traditionally been discriminated against, either deliberately or unthinkingly, by the Catholic Church. […]

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Uncovering the forgotten history of black businesses in Iowa City

942 Iowa Avenue

The state of Iowa has a well-worn reputation for racial progressivism. As any left-of-center, Iowa-centric political group will remind you, Iowa has long been ahead of the game on legislative victories over racism: It banned slavery in 1839, legalized interracial marriages before the Civil War, struck down segregated schooling in 1868 and did away with […]

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