The Oscars did something right! FilmScene audiences cheered for ‘Parasite,’ honored snubbed films Sunday

All of Hollywood is nursing a hangover, so you know what that means: It’s the Monday after the Academy Awards! After a disappointing 2019 Oscars (including a Best Picture winner that was more than a little controversial) and a slate of 2020 nominees rife with snubs, cinephiles’ were tempered last night […]

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2019 Oscar Shorts — Live Action: Ranked and reviewed

Oscar season is upon us, and in previous years, I haven’t been really tuned in to movies that are nominated. But this year I’ve made a conscious effort to see as much as possible, including the live action short films. To my surprise, a majority of the shorts were highly suspenseful; some have become favorites of the films I’ve seen in quite some time. […]

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Where to watch the Oscars — and strut your stuff — this weekend

You may already have a date with your cat, couch and host Jimmy Kimmel for Sunday’s Oscars ceremony, but area Oscar parties may elevate the experience. Events will test your film knowledge, fill you with popcorn and insure you’ll have someone to talk to during the myriad commercial breaks.

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