‘Late Night’: A relentlessly entertaining and engaging comedy

As superhero movies and Star Wars flicks continue to reign as the most popular entertainment to see on the big screen, it becomes increasingly harder for completely original stories to grab people’s attention. With Late Night, we have a great example of why we should be going out and supporting original stories. […]

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‘Destroyer’ a slow-burning yet entertaining time at the movies

‘Destroyer centers around detective Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman), who as a young cop went undercover to infiltrate a gang. This leads to something so tragic that it still haunts her many years later. When she finds out that the same gang leader has recently resurfaced, she goes on a personal mission to take him down and finally find peace. […]

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2019 Oscar Shorts — Live Action: Ranked and reviewed

Oscar season is upon us, and in previous years, I haven’t been really tuned in to movies that are nominated. But this year I’ve made a conscious effort to see as much as possible, including the live action short films. To my surprise, a majority of the shorts were highly suspenseful; some have become favorites of the films I’ve seen in quite some time. […]

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