‘Black Panther’ production designer Hannah Beachler on representation, Afrofuturism and becoming Wakandan

“Representation matters,” says Hannah Beacher, who will lecture in Iowa City on April 29 for the 2018 Flyover Fest. “It’s important that the people who the story is representing are also behind the scenes, making sure that that representation is truth.” […]

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‘Moonlight’ in Miami: The new coming-of-age film is powerfully quiet

Moonlight FilmScene — through Thursday, Dec. 1 Loud American cars can sometimes suggest loud, American problems. The opening scenes of Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight feature Mahershala Ali as Juan, a high-placed drug dealer, rolling onto a typical drug corner in a growling, powder blue Chevy Impala with massive rims and an equally massive cd collection mounted […]

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