‘Black Panther’ production designer Hannah Beachler on representation, Afrofuturism and becoming Wakandan

“Representation matters,” says Hannah Beacher, who will lecture in Iowa City on April 29 for the 2018 Flyover Fest. “It’s important that the people who the story is representing are also behind the scenes, making sure that that representation is truth.” […]

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A-List: ‘Saving Brinton’ explores a forgotten chapter of the silent film era

Setting up in small towns from Minnesota to Texas, the Brintons’ traveling cinema show was for most Midwesterners of the era a first encounter with moving images. Unfortunately, in 1919, seemingly at the height of the traveling show’s popularity, Frank Brinton passed away. When his wife died in 1955, her estate’s executor moved the collection to his basement — where it remained until Mike Zahs learned of its existence in 1981. […]

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The smiling ‘Lady Macbeth’ — stark period horror comes to Film Scene

On their wedding night, Katherine’s husband, Alexander, asks if she is cold, and asserts, “This house gets very cold.” But Katherine smiles at him reassuringly and insists in earnest, “I’m thick-skinned.” It’s the last time Katherine will appear so innocent and eager-to-please, but she is not wrong. Her skin proves to be very thick indeed. […]

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