Mission Creek 2018: A look back

It is impossible for any one person to offer a complete perspective on the Mission Creek Festival (MCF), as even the avid attendee is still limited to one body and one set of guiding preferences. More than most years I became aware of my limitations as a reviewer and the radically different possibilities for what MCF means, is and becomes. […]

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Five questions with: Current Joys

Mission Creek Festival: Current Joys w/ Younger, Hot Tang Gabe’s — Wednesday, April 4 at 8:30 p.m. One of Mission Creek’s most anticipated musical acts, Current Joys, is a solo project by L.A.-based artist Nick Rattigan. Classifying Current Joys’ sound within a specific genre label is a challenge, especially in the wake of his latest […]

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Album Review: Peanut Ricky — I Think I Am Not Okay

A self-described sententious high school student, Jordan Adams (Conetrauma, Jailbus) was frequently skipping class and finding herself in Saturday detention, where she would spend her time in the art room. One day, when sorting through stacks of art prints as she usually did, a particular picture caught her eye. The dark photograph was of a blank wall that read “Peanut Ricky as a thunderbolt.” Adams, now 20 years old, has since released all of her solo music under the namesake. […]

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