Album Review: Mirror Coat – Whispers

Mirror Coat - Whispers

“Shoegaze” was the genre of a group of late ‘80s and early ‘90s bands primarily from the U.K. who shared a common musical esthetic. Part Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” and part Britpop, the sound was distinguished by its use of layers of effects. The name “shoegaze” came from the observation… […]

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Show Photos: Wednesday at Mission Creek

It is officially night 5 of Mission Creek and I’ve been on a tear all over town since the pre-show monday. I’ve tried to catch as many acts as my short legs will get me to in time. I’ve got […]

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Running up and down the alley

Mission Creek

Wednesday was a Mission Creek evening for me like a meal at a tapas bar. I caught six different bands at three venues, mostly traversing the alley between Gabe’s and Yacht Club to try and sample the most interesting music on offer. Not to take away from the bands I didn’t see–Slut River has been more transcendently trashy every time I’ve caught their performances-as-insurrection–but a guy can only be one place at a time. Thus, my peregrinations described in chronological order. […]

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Mission Creek Festival Spotlight: Détective


LA-based rock group Détective will be playing the Yacht Club on Wednesday, April 3. The group is comprised of former Guided By Voices bassist James Greer, alongside Guylaine Vivarat (former member of Useless Keys), and Chris Dunn. Together, they mix the hazy sounds of French surf-rock with catchy indie-pop hooks to make accessible, yet vaguely melancholic tracks. […]

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WATCH: Mirror Coat on Little Village Live // 12.05.12

       LITTLE VILLAGE LIVE 09.19.2012    Mirror Coat                  “Lunchbox”   “Believer (John Maus Cover)”   “Tornado”   “City Pool”     |Mirror Coat   |Facebook @   |Public Space One @ |KRUI […]

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