Iowa City Weekender: July 11-14

Meat Puppets -- Photo by Neff Conner

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Iowa City Weekender! Mid-July is here, the gnats are still being jerks and the air feels like bath water. The good news is that these weekend entertainment options are going to make you forget about all of that nonsense. […]

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Mission Creek 2010: 4/2/10 (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Friday night was another epic evening in Iowa City. Unfortunately there isn’t much here yet from the early short sets from 6-8 pm, Dawn’s at Dusk. This was actually a highlight of the evening. about 10 different acts, each doing a ten minute set, often with no set up in between, this was a very […]

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Prairie Pop: Musical Brew

Prairie Pop: March 2010 – With some musicians and bands, I form a kind of matrimonial bond (though because I like so many artists, that makes me a bit of a polygamist). Long-term fandom is like entering into a marital contract–where you’re with them until the bitter end, even if they get a little ugly […] […]

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Iowa City Weekender – June 25-28

The IC Weekender is sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, July 2-4, 2009 **** LATE ADDITION: Official Michael Jackson Tribute Dance Party at the Picador tonight (Thursday 6/25, no cover downstairs, dress like Mike (and Farrah) would like! ***** Iowa City has been very kind to LV this week~~  First, special thanks to the […]

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