On the Beat: Iowa City Song Project

I try to collect as much Iowa City music as I possibly can. When I can’t buy a record at a show, I scour Bandcamp pages for the ones I don’t have yet. I spend hours creating and editing mixes of […]

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Iowa City Weekender: 5/20-23

Simon Joyner w Miracles of God and Brooks Strause | $10 | 8 pm
Simon Joyner is calling this his “Living Rooms and Discrete Spaces” tour and I think they are trying to keep it low-profile, but this show is too cool to not get any sort of mention at all, […] […]

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2010-04-02: Tim Hecker, Greg Davis, Lwa, Wind Farm, Goldwater Marmalade

Put a fork in me, I’m done. I’ve seen the wear and tear on the Mission Creek Brain Trust and Little Village Cadre — in particular, I ran into Andre in front of the Yacht Club about 5:30PM, and he […]

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