Family Dinner: Brenda Nations and Art Bettis discuss food justice over food

The good news concerns zucchini: There’s plenty of it. Arguably too much of it, although environmentalists Brenda Nations and Art Bettis (armed with an abundant CSA share and a very tasty summer squash galette recipe torn from the pages of a Better Homes and Gardens) do not seem to mind. The bad news is the […]

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SILT, Awful Purdies collaborate on music video to raise awareness of loss of farmland

With the release of a music video to the song “Common Ground” by the Awful Purdies, the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) is hoping to raise awareness about the ongoing loss of Iowa farmland to development and the challenges facing new farmers — and showcase the SILT’s effort to protect the land and support a new farming generation. […]

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Local CSA teams up to provide share owners with recipes and specialty ingredients to pair with produce

Share owners receiving Morning Glory Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes have had a few extras thrown in this year. The CSA has teamed up with the Harvest Oil and Vinegar store in Coralville and the Solon-based cooking school Becky’s Mindful Kitchen to offer a box of local produce, the oil and vinegar to prepare it with and recipes featuring those seasonal ingredients — all in one location. […]

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Chic coffeeshop The Dingo Bar opens in Iowa City

By Frankie Schneckloth and Kelli Ebensberger A newly opened French cafe is poised to be a feather in the Peninsula Neighborhood’s cap. The traditional Americana style of this community has always provided loads of visual curb appeal, and The Dingo Bar aims to follow suit. Aptly named after the Dingo American Bar and Restaurant frequented […]

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LV Recommends: The Pig & Porter

Though the flood of 2008 devastated sections of Cedar Rapids, the rebirth of the downtown, Czech Village and New Bohemia districts make the losses easier to take. Post-flood, a restaurant renaissance has occurred. Diners less than enthused by chain restaurants are now spoiled for choice with new eateries featuring creative menus and eclectic beverages. The […]

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Two winter markets keep IC shopping fresh

Sycamore Mall's Winter Market

Little Village would like to take this opportunity to remind local eaters and shoppers: There’s still a Farmers Market in Iowa City! Yes, even in the ice-capped tundra, you can still find local vegetables, knitted crafts, purses, handmade soaps and more every Saturday from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m at the Sycamore Mall (1660 Sycamore […]

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