A Hawkeye fan page on Facebook with more than 20,000 followers posted anti-LGBT comments, then deleted their account

Anti-LGBT Facebook comments were made under an article from Missouri news station KTVO Wednesday. The comments were posted by a Hawkeye sports fan page with more than 20,000 followers. The article that prompted the comments discussed a recent decision by Missouri House members not to pass a measure that would protect House staff from being […]

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Under the bisexual umbrella

I recently had a coffee date with my friend Alison, with whom I share an interest (or should I say obsession) in talking about all things sex and sexuality. Alison, a University of Iowa lecturer, told me about several questions she poses to her human sexuality classes.After her students list qualities or characteristics they look for in an ideal partner, she asks how many have had the experience of being really attracted to someone until they got to know them. This is almost a universal experience. She […]

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Cedar Rapids’ Xavier High School upholds Catholic doctrine at the expense of LGBTQ students

On March 21, an article published in Washington High School’s newspaper, The Surveyor, split the Cedar Rapids community in two. “The Fight for LGBTQ Rights” by Sarah Altemeier and Quinn Wilcox centered around an open letter written by former Xavier High School student Landon Santel. Santel transferred to Washington for his junior year after “facing […]

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A reading list for Gabe Erickson

In an op-ed published yesterday by the Iowa City Press-Citizen, Diversity Focus’ Gabe Erickson asks, “Why is Rachel Dolezal held to a different principle than Bruce Jenner?” The article continues: “No one said Bruce is falsely portraying himself as a woman or called him a fraud.” (That, in fact, is not true.) Erickson’s op-ed begins […]

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Iowa Senate approves ban on gay conversion therapy

Iowa Capitol

The Iowa Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would ban Iowa mental health providers from using therapy in an attempt to change a child’s sexual orientation. Senate File 334, which passed 26-24 with all Democrats voting in favor and all Republicans against, would ban health professionals from engaging in “sexual orientation change efforts” on children […]

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IC drag queen to appear on national reality TV show

IC drag aficionados, start your engines: Iowa City drag queen Sasha Belle will be featured in season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Belle auditioned for the reality show five times before finally getting a shot, according to the show’s Meet the Queens promotional video. I’M ON RUPAUL’S DRG RACE!!!!!!!!!!!! — Sasha Belle (@SashaBelle3) December 8, […]

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