Style Points: When Les Dames and IC Kings collide

IC Kings

Iowa City’s own drag queen group, IC Kings, recently joined forces with Les Dames Burlesque d’Iowa City for a one-night gig at the Mill. In their collaborative acts, the Kings looked even more “Kingly” standing next to the ultra-feminine expressions of Les Dames. Painstakingly creating their male expressions from scratch in daring and original ways, as one audience member remarked, during the large group numbers it was easy to forget that it was, in fact, all female performers on stage. […]

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Talking Movies: Score One for Skin

If you like sex and art (especially in that order of enthusiasm), then you should definitely make a point of getting to the Englert on Friday, May 18, to see the Iowa premiere of Frederick Wiseman’s Crazy Horse, a documentary about Paris’s legendary cabaret. To sweeten the deal, FilmScene, the host of the event, has […]

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Photos: Les Dames Take Over Catherine's

Catherine’s has always had beautiful things in their window display. But never like THIS!! Iowa City’s own Les Dames du Burlesque got the glass all steamy with a sneak preview of their show for Mission Creek THIS WEEK!! Passersby got an eyeful as the ladies seduced Dubuque Street like enchanted mannequins come to life.  A clock […]

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Les Dames du Burlesque with Cirque Stupendo

Even the word coming off of someone’s lips in a casual conversation–burlesque–drips like satin off the shoulder.  Its an old fashioned word, one that my Nana would have used only in one of her raciest jokes to her closest girlfriends.  Somehow through its mythology I only had a vague notion of this kind of performance. […]

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