Democracy in Crisis: Memo hysteria and a Baltimore corruption trial highlight the state of law enforcement in 2018

The national media was largely silent about the vast police misconduct revealed in the Baltimore trial, even though they dovetailed in some uncomfortable ways with the Memo Watch hysteria. […]

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Democracy in Crisis: Trump’s tough-on-crime agenda

President Trump met with law enforcement leaders twice last week, saw Jeff Sessions confirmed as top cop, and signed three tough-on-crime executive orders, which were then condemned by an organization composed of some of the nation’s top law enforcement officers. Here’s how Trump’s tough-on-crime week went down:  Trump met with law enforcement brass from major […]

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ICPD Body Cameras: Here’s what we know

Body Cams

On Sept. 16, the Iowa City City Council approved $211,000 in funding for the Iowa City Police Department to purchase 84 body cameras — enough to cover the entire force. The use of officer-worn body cameras has become increasingly common in recent years, though rules and regulations stipulating their use varies widely across the country, […]

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