On the Beat: Summer listening guide

Summer in the Clubs! Live Music Venue GUIDE Iowa City is what is known in the biz as a ‘small market.’ Acts on national tours book shows in Iowa City based on it’s geographical position within a half-day’s drive of […]

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Think About It, America: David Cross and Amber Tamblyn Prepare to Invade Your Skulls

When I talked to David Cross he was leaving a celebrity poker tournament. It was a benefit for Dave Eggers’ non-profit youth-writing center, 826 Valencia. Cross was heading to the subway, then home to walk the dog and meet up […]

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H. Jon Benjamin and Jon Glaser to join David Cross at Mission Creek 2012

The Mission Creek Festival announced this morning that frequent collaborators H. Jon Benjamin and Jon Glaser will join David Cross at Mission Creek 2012. This lineup is not part of a tour or anything, just something these friends putting together […]

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