Another Priceless Show by Joe

Just in from a California Tour, Joe and Vicki Price brought the boogie back to town. On Saturday night it was not just Joe’s foot that was stompin’ as the dance floor filled quickly and a glance around the room showed the rest were dancing in their chairs.


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Mission Creek 2010 Preview: Dustin Busch

Local guitarist and luthier Dustin Busch will open for Booker T. this Wednesday night at the Englert as part of the 2010 Mission Creek festival. Busch plays regularly – solo and with Illinois John Fever – and you’ll catch him breaking it down informally all around town, semi-regularly on the patio at the Red Avocado, […]

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Iowa City Weekender – September 24-27

This week’s Weekender is brought to you by Riverside Theatre So, we’re one month into the fall semester, and everyone should have their bearings by now.  If you are still paying cover at bars that offer neither a dj nor a band: Fail.  If you are starting tailgating at 6 am and surviving all the […]

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Feelin' Blues

Driving to Fort Dodge is not what I had in mind on a Wednesday, but when Vicki Price e-mailed saying she and her husband, blues guitar slinger Joe Price would be happy to take time out of their busy touring schedule to chat, how could I resist? I only met this inductee of the Iowa […]

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