Talking Movies: The Year after the Year of the Woman

It’s finally that time of year, folks. Loved ones gather together by the crackling fire to share memories and hugs. Bygones are forgotten as we remember what’s really important. Grudges fall by the wayside, tears well up and love is made. Yes, it’s finally the apocalypse. The Mayan calendar comes to an end and so […]

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Talking Movies: Skyfall Review – It’s a Man’s World.

I don’t know what’s more shocking: that twenty-three James-Bond movies have been made over the past fifty years, or that I’ve seen them all willingly. To understand why Skyfall, Sam Mendes’s fine reboot of the 007 myth, is such a supremely enjoyable movie, we need to understand why even the aggressively bad Bond flicks, of […]

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Talking Movies: A Half-Jigger of Solace

How many children does Lady Macbeth have? That’s the kind of ridiculous question a certain strain of literature teacher will torture students with. The answer, obviously, is: Shakespeare would have told us, had it been important. Nevertheless, there are a few characters who so transcend their storylines that they really do acquire lives of their […]

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