The only Iowan arrested in the Inauguration Day protests faced months of legal hell

In January 2017, Oliver Weilen made a last-minute decision and joined some friends who were driving from Iowa to Washington D.C. to take part in the protests happening on Inauguration Day. What he didn’t know when he arrived in D.C. was how dystopian his life was about to become. The police would make 234 arrests that day, conducting mass round-ups of protesters. Weilen was the only person from Iowa arrested. […]

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Democracy in Crisis: James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have no claim to the word ‘truth’

Project Veritas, the creepo undercover right-wing sting team run by James O’Keefe, spent months trying to fool The Washington Post into printing false accusations against theocrat and alleged pedophile Roy Moore in order to undermine the real allegations made by women that he was sexually inappropriate with them when they were minors. […]

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Democracy in Crisis: Protestors arrested on Trump’s Inauguration Day are facing felony charges

The J20 caseis the first mass trial, beginning this week. Most of the defendants were arrested on Inauguration Day, after a protest (which the government has called a riot) resulted in several broken windows and other damage. Police officers threw more than 70 “non-lethal” grenades, sprayed dozens of canisters of pepper spray and cordoned off around 200 people in a “kettle” flanked by riot police and walls on all sides. […]

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