Sullivan question prompts walkout at Harreld forum

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld dodged questions about minimum wage and administrator pay during a social justice discussion yesterday. The discussion was part of the University’s Spring 2016 theme, Just Living, designed to “explores values, beliefs, and positioning by examining the past and looking to the future.” Johnson County County Supervisor Rod Sullivan posed a […]

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Arranged Marriage: Rastetter appoints Harreld to UI presidency, faculty say, ‘I object!’

When the announcement came on Sept. 3 that the Iowa Board of Regents had unanimously selected J. Bruce Harreld — a corporate executive with no experience in higher education administration—to be the 21st president of the University of Iowa, the vitriol came swiftly. COGS, the UI’s graduate student union, released a statement condemning Harreld’s selection […]

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UI Graduate Student Senate joins Faculty Senate in ‘No Confidence’ vote

Iowa City

“Graduate students are critical, evidence-driven, and adaptive, and as a result often entertain radical ideas.” So begins the meeting statement from last night’s UI Graduate Student Senate General Assembly meeting, in which the GSS joined University faculty and a large number of Iowa City residents in denouncing the appointment of J. Bruce Harreld as University […]

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