‘Peak pig’ in Iowa leads to a ‘staggering’ amount of shit in the state

It’s probably not an accomplishment state officials will want to boast about, but Iowa out-performs the rest of the country when it comes to producing shit. That is, literal fecal waste. Chris Jones, a research engineer and an adjunct associate professor at the University of Iowa, IIHR, has done the math: Iowa, with a population of 3.2 million, produces more than twice the amount of fecal waste per square mile than California, which has almost 40 million people. […]

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Preserving higher minimum wage a top priority this week for many in Johnson County

Iowa Policy Project: Facts & Alternatives Old Brick Church — Friday, Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. Protecting a higher minimum wage is taking center stage in Johnson County this week, with the Board of Supervisors set to pass a resolution […]

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Letter to the editor: Crisis Center director says upcoming state, federal legislative decisions will impact Center clients

By Becci Reedus Our politicians and policymakers will face many important decisions in the coming months. Now more than ever, those leaders need to hear from all of us about the issues impacting our community. As executive director of The […]

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