2018 Iowa caucuses will be held on Monday night

Normally, Iowa caucuses during years without a presidential race are sedate, even dull, affairs focused on party policy issues and selecting local party leaders. But thanks to a crowded field for the Democratic Party nomination for governor some of this year’s caucuses may prove to be more lively and more important than normal. […]

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Gov. Reynolds keeps Steve King as campaign co-chair, won’t say if King’s comments are racist

At her weekly press conference on Tuesday, Gov. Kim Reynolds said Steve King’s recent comment declaring diversity to be a weakness that is damaging America has not changed her mind about having King as a statewide co-chair of her campaign for governor. […]

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Democrat Fred Hubbell: Iowa is wasting too much money on corporate giveaways

Fred Hubbell wants to end the corporate giveaways the state has been handing out in the name of economic development. “What I see right now is that we’ve got so many wasteful giveaways in our tax code for companies that aren’t creating a decent return for us,” the Democratic candidate for governor said during a visit to the offices of Little Village on Sunday. “And we’re compounding that with deals like the Apple deal. We’re giving away money to companies that don’t need it and not creating many permanent jobs.” […]

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