A true history of fake news: The many identities of Benjamin Franklin

Before the term “fake news” gained wide circulation during the 2016 presidential election season, deception had long been part of the U.S. media landscape. When Benjamin Franklin emerged as the publisher of the Pennsylvania Gazette, he used it to plant ironic satires, partisan potshots and other false stories. […]

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‘The Emperor and the Peasant’: a new perspective on WWI at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

As the 100th anniversary of the First World War has unfolded since 2014, the most common images of the “War to End All Wars” have come from the Western Front. Trench warfare. Armies fighting endlessly over the same few squares miles of land. But the fighting on the Eastern Front was very different, with dramatic advances and retreats, and two empires — Austria-Hungary and Russia — slowly collapsing. […]

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