Iowa City Weekender: April 26-28

Hello, hello. Come on in. Get settled in for another dose of the Weekender. Here’s how it’s going to work this week: This weekend, especially Thursday (tonight) is nuts and there is simply too much to write about. For the most part my blurbs are unnecessary for these things. For example, I think we all […]

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Show Photos: Ed Gray on Little Village Live – 6/15

Ed Gray is as unpredictable as he is talented. He hit the modest stage at PS1 with his freshly released album the Old Bending River. He played the album in it’s entirety over the KRUI airwaves, speckling the performance with his playful, erratic humor. I laugh at the thought of people on their homebound commutes tuning in to hear Ed’s sporadic, blaring shouts in to the mic, his dry, on point sarcasm and flippant responses to the hosts’ queries. […]

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Show Review: Carnival Hearts & Arts Parade @ White Lightning Wherehouse — 5/21/2011

Carnival Hearts & Arts Collective, a local collective of artists, held their biannual “parade” on Saturday. However, imminent rain forced the event out of the adorable Happy Hollow park and into the White Lightning Wherehouse. Vendors line the walls of this rambling, cavernous space. The event has the feel of a souq, of a community market in the ancient kasbah of Tangier, or of the mystery of London’s Borough market. The Carnival Hearts & Arts collective has an authentic–and almost ethnic–subcultural atmosphere, a collective of tattoos, funky chic, librarian eyeglasses, and wry smiles. […]

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Iowa City Weekender: July 8-11

Cirque Stupendo takes over the Ped Mall this Saturday! See the show guaranteed to amaze onlookers young and old with mind boggling juggling and shocking feats of balance and strength! But that’s not all, folks. There’s plenty of excellent live music entertainment to be had this weekend, so come on in and see what you might be missing.


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Coolzey – The Honey

Local Albums: January 2010 – Zachary Lint Aka Coolzey has taken time off from home renovation and starring in zombie movies, to drop another CD of profound silliness. Or silly profundity–I’m not quite sure. Full disclosure: I’ve done some post production and mastering work for Zack in the past. But hey if you want someone […]

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