Iowa City Weekender update: July 11-13

Click here for the complete Weekender for July 10-13. Friday, July 11-Sunday, July 13 Twisted: A Balloonamentary | Iowa City Public Library | Multiple showings (below) | Free Little Village is pleased to hear that our good friends over at the Bijou Theatre have found a home for some of their films. According to the […]

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Surfwise Movie Review

Surfwise Documentary, 93 min Directed by Doug Pray The floods have got me thinking about water: the great life-giver, the great destroyer. Lao Tzu, the founding Taoist, says that we should emulate water over rock; for the softness of water, which yields infinitely to anything in its path, eventually overcomes and destroys the hardest stone. […]

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Twisted: A Balloonamentary Movie Review

Twisted: A Balloonamentary Documentary, 79 min Directed by Naomi Greenfield and Sara Taksler How much does the best-paid poet in the world make? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it’s a lot less than one woman in Twisted: A Balloonamentary, who declares that she took in $1.5 million last year for twisting balloons into […]

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