In Conversation: David Dunlap and David Dondero

University of Iowa painting and drawing Professor Emeritus David Dunlap welcomed visiting musician David Dondero to Dunlap’s home studio for a discussion of anything and everything on their minds — which, on this day, ranged from Donald Trump and Gerrymandering to peaches from New Pioneer Food Co-op. […]

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ARTicle: A visit to Walnut Farms: Institute of Art. Agriculture and Burning Shopping Carts

It’s another hot Iowa City summer night and in the woods, the trees hang tired and droopy. Black leaves gently shiver against a cascade of smoke rising from a 10-foot-high bonfire. Sparks of flame jaunt into the sky and crackle […]

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Paintallica: Surrender Your Ego

Paintallica, an art collective with a penchant for turning heads, stopped by their old stomping grounds of Iowa City Tuesday for an all-night painting and sculpture event.
The group is inherently divisive (Their first show was titled “Happy Fucking Easter”), incorporating body fluids, sexual imagery, bladed tools and anything else that catches… […]

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