In Conversation: David Dunlap and David Dondero

University of Iowa painting and drawing Professor Emeritus David Dunlap welcomed visiting musician David Dondero to Dunlap’s home studio for a discussion of anything and everything on their minds — which, on this day, ranged from Donald Trump and Gerrymandering to peaches from New Pioneer Food Co-op. […]

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Stranger than Fiction: Art for the Year 2013.

Guest editor: Shane O’Shaughnessy For its first issue of the new year, Little Village asked me to invite some of my favorite local artists to depict their unique visions of what lies ahead. As a futurist, fantasist and cartoonist, I’m intrigued by the mystery that awaits us in the upcoming year and was thrilled to work […]

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ARTicle: A visit to Walnut Farms: Institute of Art. Agriculture and Burning Shopping Carts

It’s another hot Iowa City summer night and in the woods, the trees hang tired and droopy. Black leaves gently shiver against a cascade of smoke rising from a 10-foot-high bonfire. Sparks of flame jaunt into the sky and crackle alongside an endless drone of mating insects. A huge hand-painted mural covered in dreamlike poetic […]

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