Iowa City Weekender: June 20-23


Joshua Hoffman, your regular Weekender columnist, is off on vacation. As such, this edition of the Iowa City Weekender has been hijacked by yours truly. Still reading? Great, because there are lots of exciting events to check out this weekend. Lets talk about them. Thursday, June 20 Cursive w. Digital Leather, The Olympics | 9:00 […]

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Iowa City Weekender: March 22-25

Mission Creek is next week, but you will see that this weekend is no calm before the storm. As per usual we have events that are uniquely “Iowa City,” with some super powerful national/international acts throughout. The Weekender got a bit of a late release today, so I’ll waste no more time. Let’s get down […]

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On the Beat: Take a chance

As I sat at the Pressed And concert at the Mill on Feb. 7, I watched a couple of young men rock the stage. “Rock” might be inaccurate as they were sitting cross-legged for the show. Anyway, the spacey, hip-hop styled instrumental music that the two were making live fit well with the videos of […]

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