Will the real Top Chef please stand up?

On Tuesday, March 26 foodies and local chefs came together to celebrate food and friendly competition at the Third Annual Top Chef Iowa City event held at Hotel Vetro. Fourteen restaurants and four breweries from the north side, downtown and beyond each took the preparation of food and drink to the highest level of the culinary arts. The event attracted foodies eager to try the culinary delights of many of Iowa City’s most notable chefs, mixologists and breweries. […]

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Chicken Little Reviews Clinton Street Social Club

Tucked into the busy lineup of Clinton Street storefronts, wedged between two other doorways, an unassuming red awning marks the entrance to one of the city’s newer and more exciting dining establishments, the Clinton Street Social Club. This elusive entrance opens to a flight of stairs that lead up to the second floor. This obscure […]

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The Best Fries in Iowa City

The election is over and still we are the United States of America. Still we are united by our fundamental principles of blurting out whatever we want whenever and to whomever we want to, drinking oceans of flavored vodka and creating fake Twitter accounts of celebrities we like. Most of all, however, we are latticed […]

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