Letter to the editor: Cathy Glasson ‘gets it’

Cathy Glasson is the woman to lead Iowa into the next decade. Her bold, unapologetic stances are, to put it frankly, necessary. We are far past the time of nuance when talking about health care, equal rights and strong laws for workers. It is far past time to adopt bold policies in these areas which have been under direct assault for a long time. The way we fight back is to present a clear bold choice to Iowans. Iowans have been taken advantage of for decades by the establishment. It is time to take our state back. […]

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2018 Iowa caucuses will be held on Monday night

Normally, Iowa caucuses during years without a presidential race are sedate, even dull, affairs focused on party policy issues and selecting local party leaders. But thanks to a crowded field for the Democratic Party nomination for governor some of this year’s caucuses may prove to be more lively and more important than normal. […]

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“People want something different”: Prospective Democratic candidate for governor Cathy Glasson holds a listening session in Iowa City

Cathy Glasson is a prospective Democratic candidate for governor, but she wants people to know she’s not a politician. “I think that’s actually a good thing, in some respects,” Glasson told the diverse crowd of approximately 35 people gathered at Lucky’s Market to hear her speak on Wednesday evening. […]

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