Public art meets the front porch swing in Black Hawk Mini Park

The official description of Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0 calls it an “international participatory public art installation” that “features a series of three-dimensional red frames that illustrate the warmth, comfort, and safety of our home.” But anyone walking past Black […]

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Pop-up shops planned for the Iowa City Ped Mall this holiday season

Pop-up shops are coming to the Ped Mall for the holidays. The Iowa City Downtown District (ICDD) is hosting its third annual Downtown Holiday Market, and this year it will feature a variety of shops in three temporary structures that will be built in Black Hawk Mini Park. […]

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Tell Iowa City who should be honored on a new feature planned for the Ped Mall

Iowa City wants to know who its most prominent citizens are. Or were. And it wants to know by Nov. 1. As part of the Ped Mall improvement project, two walls will be installed to hide utility cabinets and transformers from public view. In addition to hiding ungainly bits of infrastructure, those walls are supposed to tell “the story of Iowa City.” […]

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UR Here: Top-down management of Black Hawk Mini Park at odds with park’s original vision

UR Here

In my previous column, I discussed “place-led governance,” in which urban development considers history, cultural meaning and an inclusive understanding of community members’ use. At the core of place-led governance lies the idea of the commons. For most people, the […]

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