Guild Wurst Tavern opens in Coralville

In June 2016, the former Bar’Ber Shop restaurant was forced to close its doors after the City of Coralville purchased its building as part of a citywide flood mitigation effort. After more than a year hiatus, The Bar’Ber Shop is back, albeit with a new name, change of location and revised concept. The new iteration, Guild Wurst Tavern, owned by Kara and Daniel Dickel, James Kinkade and Devin Dickel, opened to the public on July 27, 2017. […]

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Flood construction may mean the end for a Coralville bar, and an uncertain future for its employees

Bar’Ber Shop Tavern

This summer marks the eighth anniversary of the Iowa Flood of 2008. However, the flood, which left parts of the University of Iowa campus underwater and left $64 billion in property damage all told, is still not done leaving a toll on the Johnson County community. It’s latest victim: the Bar’ber Shop Tavern. The Bar’ber […]

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