Deep in a Des Moines golf course sits a haunted observatory with a far-out history

The Drake Municipal Observatory is probably the only scientific facility of its kind more familiar to local golfers than local school kids. Since 1921, it’s sat between the green on the 17th hole of Waveland Golf Course and the tee […]

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UI astronomers studying a ‘super-weird’ nebula want 30 minutes with the Webb Space Telescope

Twenty-six years ago, NASA announced a project to launch a space telescope into orbit a million miles from Earth in order to study deep space and light from the early universe. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) transmitted its first […]

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An IC man’s journey to research high-powered robots

Michael Webb grew up in Iowa City where he cultivated a fascination with all things DIY. That’s why, when he submitted his resume to Stone Aerospace last year, it was entitled, “Michael Webb, I’m a Maker.” Stone Aerospace is an aerospace engineering firm founded by Bill Stone, who explained in a TED talk that he would like to send an exploratory robot called Valkyrie to Jupiter’s moon Europa… […]

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