Local bartenders are serving creative NA cocktails to keep the party going, without the buzz

As a Midwest college town, Iowa City has historically been a heavy-drinking community within a heavy-drinking region. “The University of Iowa has long been known as one of the top party schools,” said Dr. Paul Gilbert, a professor in the […]

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The Hops: Premature Oktobulation

September, I realized, is a difficult month to recommend beer for. For three weeks it is still technically summer, so I wanted a beer that was light-bodied and refreshing. It also needed be rather cheap, as long afternoons of tailgating call for coolers packed with relatively affordable brew.


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The Hops: Backyard Brew

The ability to chug a whole bottle of PBR in one mighty draught only impresses your peers for so long. What was formerly an athletic display of swilling prowess becomes something sad, a little desperate. It is a sign of […]

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Vines of the Times

When considering the alcoholic beverage of choice for the evening here in Iowa City, only the hardcore eco-warriors factor in environmental sustainability. The hardcore are not surprised that wine shipped to the Midwest creates a smaller carbon footprint when it […]

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