HUD may sue Iowa if bill allowing landlords to discriminate against federal housing aid recipients is signed into law

The Iowa Senate passed a bill allowing landlords to discriminate against anyone receiving federal housing assistance on Wednesday. The Senate had previously passed the bill on a party-line vote, but Republicans in the Iowa House amended SF 252 (formerly SSB 1079) when it passed the bill on Monday, so the Senate had to approve the […]

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Iowa House passes bill allowing landlords to discriminate against people receiving federal housing assistance

On Monday, the Iowa House of Representatives passed a bill already approved by the Senate, which would overturn ordinances in Iowa City, Marion and Des Moines that prevent landlords from discriminating against people who receive federal housing assistance. In addition to invalidating existing ordinances, SF 252 (formerly SSB 1079) would also prohibit any local government […]

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Letter to the editor: The Iowa City Council is halting valuable housing projects because they don’t like tall buildings

The Core 4 of the Iowa City Council have indicated a potentially major shift for the future of development in Riverfront Crossings. There are processes and regulations in place to guide P&Z and the council when considering height bonuses. These are, and should be, totally separate from the rezoning process. While it was appropriate for the council to communicate concerns about height to the developer at this stage, there was no reason to not move forward with the rezoning.

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