Letter to the Editor: Support Kurt Friese and Jason Lewis for County Supervisor

Iowa City
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By Tom Carsner

In the June 7 County Supervisor primary I am voting for Kurt Friese and Jason Lewis. They are the only candidates for County Supervisor who have made the commitment to stop urban sprawl by shrinking or eliminating residential development in the North Corridor Development Area.

Next year, the county Land Use Plan will be reviewed, and electing Friese and Lewis will make 3 votes on the Board to protect farmland, save county money, reduce carbon emissions and grow sustainably from our cities outward.

Friese and Lewis have also demonstrated leadership on other issues that make them worthy of your votes. Kurt Friese, the owner of Devotay restaurant, understands the need to protect farmland because he has been an advocate for small farm food production across Iowa and America. He also wants to increase access to mental health care, promote affordable housing and foster civil governance.

Jason Lewis, the director of the Writing and Humanities Program at the UI Carver College of Medicine, also has extensive experience with foster care and adopted children. He wants to expand the county’s efforts in juvenile justice programs, create an arts center for youth and expand fair affordable housing in the county.

Join me in voting for Kurt Friese and Jason Lewis for County Supervisor June 7.

This letter was originally published in Little Village issue 200.

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