Style Points: Why can’t I be a normal style blogger and steal runway photos? Instead, I draw


Illustrations by Tonya Kehoe

So many people mobbing me on the mean streets of Iowa City asking me “WHAT ARE THE TRENDS FOR WINTER 2013?” They grasp at my coattails and I keep on walking, not really even noticing because I am most certainly texting or Instagraming. Well, none of that is true except the texting and Instagramming bit.

This week I have been looking at trends, and I love looking at the runway photos as much as the next style blogger, but I don’t want to simply do the copy-cut-paste-credit routine. No, I decided to show you my favorite top trends using a piece of drawing paper from the recycle bin in the art room and a Gel Pen (from UICCU- these are the best pens). Not to brag, but such are the studio accouterments of a Little Village Style Editor.

Ok ok, lets get to it. Guys, it is still ’90s inspired everything. So no big change there. Emerald: still in. Pink is apparently the “new black.” Winter pinks this season are berry (bright pink — TK approved) and dusty rose (which I hate. there I said it).

Punk, Grunge, Tartan, Oversized top/tight bottom, classic prints, leather leather leather, turtlenecks (I can barely type that without suffocating), winter white (always pretty) and knit beanies paired with dressy stuff (I can totally get behind this trend because my head gets cold and I like doing things that are slightly off-kilter. duh).





So, what are you going to cuddle up in this Winter? Tell me all about your looks in the comments!