Style Points: If I could marry Pantone’s color of the year 2013, I possibly would

Photos by Tonya Kehoe

Right now, all we Iowans have to do is look around as the fall colors are peaking: the vermillion, chartreuse, cayenne, orange, yellow and green leaves are delighting everybody. The delight isn’t really in the leaves falling (although crunchy piles of leaves *are* pretty fun), certainly it isn’t in the never-ending raking — no, the beauty is in the visual richness of color. Today I was walking on the bike path and took two quick photos of compelling random leaves:


Did you know that the official “Pantone Color of the Year 2013” was Emerald? Emerald showed up everywhere! From school supplies at Target, male and female apparel (even bras at the mall!), interior accents and jewelry: Green was simply everywhere.

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty
that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” (

In March, I bought a Chan Luu scarf in this color  and was also gifted a Pantone paint sample. I haven’t decided what I want to paint yet, but rest assured, SOMETHING will get covered in this gorgeous color.


Psychologically speaking, green is the color we associate with spring, fertility, rebirth, fresh starts, abundance, wealth, money, luck and harmony: all very good things indeed. Do you have anything in this color that you love? Tell me about your favorite colors in the comment section!