So much more to see: FilmScene’s second screen opens Tuesday

The new screening room -- Photo courtesy of FilmScene
The new screening room — Photo courtesy of FilmScene

Groundhog Day Marathon

FilmScene’s Screening Room — Tuesday, Feb. 2, beginning at 6 a.m.

Stop me if you’ve seen this one before. FilmScene is invoking a sense of déjà vu all over again with a free, all-day marathon of the classic Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day starting at 6 a.m. this Groundhog Day (Feb. 2) with a last showing at 11 p.m. Where it’s showing, though? THAT’s completely new.

The Screening Room, which has been part of the FilmScene vision since its inception, opens its doors on Tuesday. The space, which is housed within the main Ped Mall location, will have flexible seating for 40. The Groundhog Day marathon will serve as its official grand opening. Programming Director Andy Brodie notes in the press release that “[a]dding a second screen opens up opportunities … to better serve our members and patrons as a community-focused, mission-driven cinema.”

FilmScene will also be utilizing this second space for its “For Your Consideration” series, a joint presentation with Press-Citizen Media that kicks off Feb. 5. The series focuses on 2016 Oscar nominees, and includes several Best Picture nominees, including Mad Max: Fury Road, Best Supporting Actor nominee Creed and nominees from the Documentary Feature, Foreign Language and Animated Feature Film categories, including the already beloved Inside Out.

FilmScene is opening a second screen
A work in progress: FilmScene Executive Director Joe Tiefenthaler hard at work. — Photo courtesy of FilmScene

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