Show Videos: The Mill’s Annual Christmas Party – 12/18/12

I have mixed feelings about the holidays. I get a little Grinchy this time of year even though there are many things around Christmastime that still make me happy. Like paper chains, twinkle lights and carols. Especially carols. As a result, the last few years I’ve been in happy attendance at the Mill’s Christmas Show.

Up until now, the Christmas show has been an intimate performance with just Pete Balestrieri onstage with his saxaphone and an endless vodka tonic perched upon his lucky sax case. He’d play Christmas carols for hours, speckling the performance with anecdotes and stories of all the interesting things that his eyes have seen. Pete decided to involve his friends this year. And he has some pretty sweet friends.

I was in holiday heaven listening to this lineup: Pete Balestrieri, of course, Phil Ochs, Kent Williams, Douglas Kramer Nye, Tim Krein, Hannah Drollinger, Guys, and Brooks Strause and the Gory Details. This was an interesting show because these musicians took some classic holiday diddies and turned them on their ears, as though way too much spiked eggnog was happily involved.

I clicked my camera over to video for the night and captured some great moments. From Pete’s jazzy White Christmas to a rock n’ roll Lil Drummer Boy, I loved it all. Below are a few of my favorite vids from the evening. If you want to see more, check out my personal youtube channel.

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