Show Preview & Ticket Giveaway: Horse Feathers


Horse Feathers | June 22 | Englert Theatre | Sold Out | 8:00 p.m.

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Horse Feathers hail from Portland, but they do Iowa as well. They’ve Daytrotted twice. They even stopped by Little Village Live on KRUI for an in-studio performance before their show at the Mill last May (Youtube: Part OnePart Two).

Next Wednesday, a lineup consisting of Nathan Crocket (violin), Catherine Odell (cello), and Sam Cooper (multi-instrumentalist) will return with Justin Ringle (vocals, guitar) for an “Intimate at the Englert” show. This alternate seating arranges a small crowd on-stage with performers where the proximity of the band and the presence of the empty hall will definitely add to the fun.

The show is already sold out, but thanks to the Englert Theatre there’s a form below to register to win one of the last pairs of tickets available.

Horse Feathers released their third album, Thistled Spring, on the Kill Rock Stars label in April 2010. The current incarnation of the band will be a real winner in this format–it features no drums but lovely, layered strings, alternately percussively plucked and sweetly sawed, that are more than heavy enough to accompany Ringle’s angelic voice. The songs have an uncanny nature about them. Just when instrumental textures from cello, violin, banjo, acoustic guitar and at least the occasional hand saw grow wild and threaten to choke out dense poetic stanzas, the backing drops to bare accompaniment to unveil gem scenes like this county fair lover’s quarrel from “Belly of June”:

She’s had enough she sadly sung/ “We’re no longer young, we’re lazy and lithe, and our age makes us dumb/ Don’t call on me, paltering and pale/ with sin on your mind, and dirt under your nails.”

There’s one more way an enterprising music fan could catch this band. Check out Facebook for details on the next Little Village Live at Public Space One. Get there a bit before 5:00PM.

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