Show Preview: Koplant No and Slip Silo – April 14 at the Blue Moose

This Saturday at the Blue Moose Taphouse, two bands who are joined at the head (i.e. overlapping personnel) will be having a CD release party, for the new Slip Silo CD. If you aren’t familiar with these guys, they’re mostly graduates of the University of Iowa Jazz program. Like other alumni (I’m looking at you, Euforquestra), they don’t just smoke cigarettes and pitch pennies in the Jazz program — you don’t go there unless you can play, and are willing to spend half of every day playing.

So The Koplant No/Slip Silo guys are serious musicians, with deep knowledge and experience in Jazz. But they grew up listening to electronic music like Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada as well, and stew their jazz ideas in electronics. Which is kinda great. Going back to the 70s there have been musicians — starting most prominently with Miles Davis and his followers — who wanted to bring ideas from other genres into Jazz. There was a brief period in the 70s when bands like Weather Report, Chick Corea, and Mahavishnu Orchestra, were fully invested in the idea of fusing Rock and Jazz. That movement exhausted itself in a haze of un-recouped major label advances and cocaine, and the Jazz world re-embraced it’s traditional roots, but for a moment, anything seemed possible.

But Koplant No & Slip Silo grew up untainted by the older jazz musician’s distaste for drum machines and sampling — “It’s just pushing buttons!” — and they’re able to see them as just another tool in their toolbox, a new way to flavor their music.

I’m going to save my Bon-est Mots for an upcoming CD review in next month’s Little Village, but suffice it to say, these guys are worth paying attention to. You can do some chin stroking, but I don’t doubt if you’re willing you could do some dancing. At any rate, 2 thumbs up for 2 bands worth your attention.

BLUE MOOSE April 14 — Door at 8/Show at 8 $5 19+

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