Show Photos: Skye Carrasco, Pillars and Tongues, Dark Dark Dark @ the Mill- 4/1

Just when I was sure that all the excitement surrounding Mission Creek had faded, I discovered a whole folder of photos that I forgot to share with you folks. Soooo…….one more set of Mission Creek memories for your perusal.

My memory is hazy, but I can tell you all three sets of performers are worth your fanaticism. Local favorite Skye Carrasco took the stage, again with Cole and Brad Highnam. At the risk of sounding trite, this trio has taken significant steps toward smoothing out and perfecting their sound. While I’ve enjoyed each of the performances I’ve seen, this time was more like riding a smooth wave of music than listening to the finite, rhythmic fragments of a song’s tempo. I can tell they are getting used to playing together and the payoff is a really great sound. Skye is incredible as a solo performer, but with Brad on drums and Cole on bass, Skye’s sweet melodies take on a little thunder.

Pillars and Tongues I had only heard once before (at the Wherehouse sometime during the barely-remembered early winter months, I think.) I was impressed. They have a truly unique sound which i am going to struggle to describe. When I listen to them, I feel like I can’t place the century in which the music was created. I imagine some ancient, enchanted European hillside with chanters and stringed-instruments filling the soundtrack of the landscape.  And I give them bonus points for using a harmonium in such a lovely way.  If you like to close your eyes, feel the rhythm in your chest and let everything else vanish, this is the band for you to see.

And then *SIGH* Dark Dark Dark. They get a lot of airplay in my house. A lot. I can’t get enough of Nona and Marshall’s voices…and the music that runs with them is, in my opinion, rich and catchy and perfect for roadtrips. I know several people who directly disagree with me, and I respect their views, but I still think this band is the cat’s meow.  Their newest album, Wild Go, is brilliant. You’ll have to listen for yourself to decide which side you’re on. For me, my feet are firmly planted in the dirt – I will be front row anytime these folks are anywhere in the midwest.

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