Show Photos: Guided by Voices, Times New Viking @ Blue Moose – 4/2

Times New Viking opened for Guided by Voices. There was already a massive crowd by the time they were on the stage which made it difficult for me to get close, so I have a few shots of them. Don’t let the small number of photos fool you into thinking I didn’t enjoy them. To open for GBV, you’ve got to be pretty damn good, and from what I understand, these two bands have been touring together for a little while now. I thought this trio was very true to indie rock without ruining it with a double-shot of that pop music sound. I hear they played at the Wherehouse after all the nonsense at the Blue Moose had come to a close, but I missed their set.

Now, I am a fairly new GBV fan, and while I  understood the magnitude of their legacy, I had no idea what I was in for seeing them live. I heard the stories about how they play for hours and chain smoke despite microphones and guitar solo high kicks – how they are more energetic than I am on my best day – how they are one of the most serious rock shows I will ever see. All of this is absolutely true.  Clearly, a band doesn’t achieve cult-legend status or gain a massive following of devoted fans unless there’s something really phenomenal happening on the stage. Last night, they played for roughly two hours, which included 3 encores – at least, I think it was three…I lost count. My point is, this was some serious business going on at the Blue Moose. I am going to peg this as my favorite show of the week, despite the overwhelming talent I have been exposed to from a wide range of performers.

This slide show is pretty long, but I couldn’t resist showing them all to you folks. Stick with it though. Some of the best are at the end.

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