Show me your style: What are your fashion guilty pleasures?

Today I bought yet ANOTHER cheap (but awesome) knit hat. Yesterday, I acquired a pair of $5 mint-colored tights. These items are just but TWO of my personal GSP’s or “guilty style pleasures.” I have tons of tights and hosiery…yet I still add to the collection. I have tons of knit hats…yet today the “California pom-pom embroidered bear” ($9.99) hat HAD to be mine. What else? Lip glosses, mascaras: items that won’t break the bank and are fun and basically just make life worth living.

Today I bring you the first installment of my new occasional feature called: “What Guilty Pleasures Are You Keeping In Your Closet?” No, that is not a good title. Ok, how about this one: “What Guilty Pleasures Are You Keeping In Your Drawers?” NOPE. Getting worse.

Working Title: “Show Me Your Style.” Hmmmm, maybe.

Movie posterSo, today in Los Angeles, Andrea von Detten was kind enough to show me her sweetheart sunglasses collection. Also known as “Lolita” sunglasses (as made popular by the 1962 movie poster), these are the only style of sunglasses she will even wear. Today she showed off her new favorites ($10) bought while walking down the Venice Beach Boardwalk. “Ombre!” she declared and snatched them from the vendor’s display.

When I asked Andrea why she loves “her hearts,” she replied, “I’ve been wearing this style for about 10 years — they are whimsical and shows my love for all things sweet. It’s sort of like “La Vie En Rose.” It’s like looking at life looking through love.”

-- photo by Tonya Kehoe
Andrea von Detten sports a pair of “Lolita” sunglasses. — photo by Tonya Kehoe

Later, she arranged her collection of sunny G’s on a cool rug.

-- photo by Tonya Kehoe
So many styles, so many flavors! — photo by Tonya Kehoe

Seriously, tell me about your style collection or your guilty style pleasures in the comments. What do you collect?