Watch: Sudanese-American women in Iowa City explain Sudan fashion

“I feel like it’s important to represent myself, my culture or my identity.” Sudanese immigrants Mai Salih, Mazahir Salih, Hayat Osman and Entisar Jafar share and discuss Sudanese fashion, defined by comfort, color and modesty — from Mai’s sparkling $500 […]

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Fashion Forward: Tim Shang, former University of Iowa student and Instagram stories master

I’m originally from China. My hometown is a small-sized city, but a small-sized city in China still has 1 million people. I came to Iowa for college, my major was finance, and I just graduated from University of Iowa. Soon, I will go to an internship in New York. After my internship, I will go to graduate school and after graduate school I will probably work in financial services, like growth management. […]

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