Senior Center screening highlights food, family and culture

Kathy Mitchell is a subject of one of the videos in "Food, Family, Culture, Change: a Community Storytelling" -- photo by Kim Pickering
Kathy Mitchell is a subject of one of the videos in “Food, Family, Culture, Change: a Community Storytelling” — photo by Kim Pickering

The University of Iowa is rounding out its “Food for Thought” Spring 2015 semester with a special screening of four short, first-person interviews at the Iowa City Senior Center today at 1:30 p.m. The program is titled “Food, Family, Culture, Change: a Community Storytelling.”

-- photo courtesy of Kathy Mitchell
Photo courtesy of Kathy Mitchell

The screening is part of a course, titled “Elements of Media,” offered to non-art majors only and taught by UI Associate Professor of Intermedia Sarah Kanouse. Students worked with volunteers from the Iowa City Senior Center and Senior Center Television.

In one video, third-year student producer Kim Pickering interviewed Kathy Mitchell, who shared childhood memories of her grandmother’s meals. Pickering edited their interview together with family pictures and found footage. Mitchell, who has experience in video and media production, helped edit the video.

First-year student Noah Lebsack created a video showing the themes of community, food, culture in Grant Woods’ painting “Dinner for Threshers.” He said he had no previous filmmaking experience but learned a lot about media production with his collaborators, Jean Lloyd-Jones and John Schmidt.

Lloyd-Jones is also a volunteer producer at Senior Center Television and said she enjoyed working with students and visiting the art building.

“It’s fun to get to know the students and marvel at what they can do,” she said, adding that students’ short deadlines made her appreciate the lack of time constraints on her own projects.

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