Roast this Town 2: Coming in July 2011

We all love living here, especially during the summer, but–as with any relationship–there are certainly times when life in Iowa City can just about drive you crazy.

Whether it’s the drunken coeds puking on our lawns, the busybody city council that would probably collect daily stool samples from everybody in town, just to make sure we were all eating right–with hefty fines for inadequate fiber levels, of course–or the naval-gazing academics who’d rather talk about the cultural implications of rain than share their umbrella with you, there’s no shortage of things about life in this town that more than deserve to be lashed to a spit and roasted over the hot coals of our collective wit from time to time.

And what better way to do that than in public, surrounded by your fellow townsfolk, bearing witness to the occasional absurdity of life in this town that we all love so much?

Think of it as scream therapy, but for a town, except funnier, and with cute waitresses and beer.

-Yale Cohn

Local wits, help us put an exclamation point on the Iowa City Book Festival, July 15-17

SUBMIT YOUR ROAST – Have you ever wanted to tell off an entire town? Have you ever wanted to tell off this town? Yeah, we thought so. Here’s your chance:

  • Roast IC in Iambic Pentameter! Express your tainted love with a Shakespearean sonnet.
  • Prose, poems, songs, short skits or monologues–basically anything you can perform on stage in front of a crowd.
  • Tell us how you really feel–Put your roast in essay form (But keep it under 1,000 words there, Tolstoy.)
  • Submission deadline: June 30
  • Send it in! Email your roast to us at and Matt and Vik, our “voices of reason,” will judge them anonymously.