Portland’s Ages and Ages play The Mill this Thursday

Ages and Ages
Folk rock straight out of the Pacific Northwest. — photo by Anna Campbell

Ages and Ages w/ Dana T

The Mill — Thursday, July 17 at 8 p.m. ($10)

Ages and Ages, one of Portland’s most Portland-y bands (or rather, a “collective of like-minded souls” as they have described themselves) visits The Mill this Thursday at 8 p.m. Iowa City’s very own Dana T will be opening the show.

Formed in 2009, Ages and Ages is one of those rare bands that struck on their sound very early into their career, with every member singing to make an endearingly unpolished choral sound, while also playing with various toy-like noise-makers for an extra dash of light-hearted twee pop.

Add in keys, three guitars and a whole bunch of percussion, and Ages and Ages have got a sweeping, anthemic sound that fans of The Polyphonic Spree will love, albeit with a more playful edge.

Though they are undoubtedly upbeat, the positive vibes all over their latest record, Divisionary, are more of a reaction to a particularly dark period for the members of the band, as a number of close friends and family members passed away while the band recorded the album. Their full-throated lunge at joyful, uplifting songs, it seems, were meant to offer comfort after months of tragedy — with songs this good, only the most cynical audience members will walk away not feeling better about life.

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