Gabe’s patio to host free ‘very special’ performance prior to Run the Jewels show

AWTHNTKTS currently consists of ION (left) johndope (center) and Romulan. — photo by Trina Thompson

Party in the Back w/ AWTHNTKTS and Johnny Sixx

Gabe’s – July 18 at 7:00 p.m.

This Thursday’s Killer Mike and El-P show at Gabe’s is one of those “get there early” events. The doors will be packed, true, but the real reason you’ll want to show up in advance is the “Party in the Back” event Gabe’s is hosting just prior to the main event.

Touting a free keg courtesy of Goose Island 312, Party in the Back kicks off at 7:00 p.m. in the Gabe’s beer garden. Free beer is a plus (the effort to acquire said beer notwithstanding), but lets focus on what matters here: the music. Iowa City-based rap collective AWTHNTKTS are set to put on a “very special performance” according to the event’s promotional materials.

I reached out to AWTHNTKTS to see if there was any substance to this “very special” talk, and it turns out the group plans on making a big announcement tomorrow. How big? Let’s just say the AWTHNTKTS family — which is relatively small at this point — is growing.

This should be enticing news for local hip hop aficionados. Since ION, johndope and Romulan came together under the AWTHNTKTS umbrella a couple of years ago, the three artists have hit the ground at full sprint, opening for the likes of Danny Brown, Killer Mike, Mac Lethal and Open Mike Eagle, not to mention they’re slated to open for Mobb Deep come September.

So, let’s do the math: Free beer, a big announcement and free performance By AWTHNTKTS, Johnny Sixx spinning on vinyl and a Run the Jewels show to follow. The patio beckons, duder. The patio beckons.

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