No Coast IPA by Peace Tree Brewing Company is LV’s April 2015 Brew of the Month

Peace Tree Brewing Company, located in Knoxville, Iowa, brews some tasty beers.

Some think that living on a coast is a requirement for making a good IPA, but Midwestern beer lovers know many fantastic IPAs are brewed across our land-locked region. The beer of the month, Peace Tree’s No Coast IPA, is among those that shows, as the label says, “there’s more to beer than just a coast.”

No Coast IPA was first released in spring 2014 as a one-batch seasonal. Peace Tree co-owner Megan McKay says it was so well received that the brewery began brewing it year-round this January.

Pour No Coast IPA into a trusty shaker pint glass. The color is deep gold, and a half-finger of eggshell-colored head will leave a spotted, bubbly skim and collar of foam around the edge. The enticing aroma is sweet, citrusy and fruity, reminiscent of sticky juice leftover from an orange or slice of pineapple. The most prominent scents are caramel, orange, a little grapefruit, tangerine, kiwi and pineapple. There are also scents of pine and earthy hops, which slowly emerge as the beer warms.

A pleasant bitterness greets the taste buds and lingers after each sip. However, the beer is not overly bitter and flavors of pine, orange, tangerine, pineapple, caramel, earthy hops and citrus zest balance nicely. Alcohol is only noticeable at the end, after the beer has warmed considerably. It is not quaff-able due to the above average ABV, but it is very drinkable.

  • Serving temperature: 48–50 ºF
  • Alcohol content: 7.25 percent ABV
  • Food pairings: McKay recommends spicy Thai cuisine and sharp cheeses like blue cheese and sharp cheddar. She said it also pairs well with citrusy salsa.
  • Where to buy: No Coast IPA should be available at most local beer retailers, including John’s Grocery, New Pioneer Food Co-op, Bread Garden Market and area Hy-Vees.
  • Price: $11–12 per six-pack.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 174

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